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“Best Dessert in NAPLES!!!!” “Heaven on Earth!”

"First experience blew our minds, MonKey Bread Factory has become a must stop when we visit Naples"

"Best coffee in town. Lavazza coffee and MonKey bread... Heaven!!!"

Welcome Friends

Mon"Key"Buntz - The Original Mon"Key" Bread Factory is a family owned dessert shop on a mission to create the most flavorful, most delightful treats made from the best ingredients and of course love from the heart. 

Home made SCRUMPTIOUSNESS with a touch of the Florida Keys. Our desire is to offer our guests the most exciting, unique and delicious dessert experience EVER! Serving "Naples BEST Dessert" as well as the BEST coffee ever, imported Italian LAVAZZA!!

WELCOME! Let's Mon"Key" Around! 

What are Mon"Key"Buntz?

Monkey Bread has been around for many years, just like the cupcake or the cookie. Some say this delightful treat received it's name because people would eat it with their fingers, pick at it and eat it "monkeystyle". 

Our famous version is a cross between a cinnamon roll and a sticky bun. Amazing tender dough coated in our cinnamon carmel, served warm and finished with our insanely delicious cream fillings.

We are a couple of crazy "MonKeys".....with a labored-over recipe and a dream. The dream that OUR amazing creation that we call Mon"Key"Buntz, would be known in households all over the world just as the cupcake and cookie are today. Once you try our unique creations you will understand why we are so passionate about our incredible treats. Our scrumptious, delectable and divine    (oooh YES, they are that good)    Mon"Key"Buntz, will put a HUGE smile on your face and make a "MonKey" out of you from the very first bite!

ENJOY!! for breakfast, snack time, dessert or ANYTIME!

YES, it's that good!    

So have a little fun & start Mon"Key"ing Around!

Mon"Key" Flavors


A cross between the traditional sticky bun & cinnamon roll. Cinnamon Caramel with Crumb Streusel covered in our homemade vanilla cream! AMAZING! The traditional just can not compare to the heavenly taste of the CinnaMon"Key"! 

Mon"Key"lime Pie

A Florida Keys tradition with a Mon"Key" twist!  Simply outrageous! Key lime pie can not keep up with our Key lime pie Mon"Key". Our insanely yummy Mon"Key"Buntz created with a touch of everything that makes the traditional pie so great.

Coconutty Mon"Key"

We Mon"Key"ed around with the tropical flavor of island coconuts and created the most incredible & scrumptious YUUUUUM! Layers of coconut & cinnamon caramel! Out of this world! 


Our delicious take on Grandma's banana bread. This treat for the senses is sublime! Banana bread to the MAX! Finished with slices of real banana.......what more can we say. YUUUUM!

Florida Orange Mon"Key"

Scrumptious orange glazed cinnamon caramel Mon"Key", OMGOODNESS ... Mic drop!

Pecan Pie Mon"Key"

How do you make pecan pie even better - create a warm and nutty pecan streusel smothered cinnamon caramel Mon"Key" & fill it with dreamy vanilla cream!!! Oh My Goodness!!!

Caramel Apple Pie Mon"Key"

We Mon"Key"ed Around with the great American pie! Caramelized apple slices & crumb streusel smothering our cinnamon caramel Mon"Key"! Simply Scrumptious! 

Chocolate Chip Cookie Mon"Key"

Imagine the best chocolate chip cookie just out of the oven, oh YES...That's it! Chocolate chips & crumb streusel baked into cinnamon caramel goodness! DIVINE!

Maple Syrup & Bacon Mon"Key"

That's right!!!! Maple & Bacon!!! Tastes like the best french toast and bacon breakfast you have ever eaten! A treat that takes you back to breakfast in mom's kitchen. What a pairing! Bacon & maple syrup baked into the layers of the cinnamon caramel Mon"Key". OH YES......"Weak in the knees good!"  

**Flavors available in the store will fluctuate, Thank You**

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Mon"Key"Buntz -The Original Mon"Key" Bread Factory

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