Amazing Applez!

"Simply AMAZING! What a way to WOW my guests! Thank YOU!"

"Truly impressed, Stunning! Every year I order for Christmas gifts and I will continue to do so!"

"Love your Amazing Applez! My children's teachers were thrilled"

Our Amazing Applez!

Amazing Applez was born from the thought of creating the most decadent handmade gourmet indulgence based off the traditional caramel apple.

Growing from our great LOVE of the gourmet caramel apple, we decided to take on the challenge of making this incredible treat even better...the BEST EVER!  

Our goal - take the traditional caramel apple and make them....AMAZING! layer upon layer of luscious butter caramel, divine chocolates, premium nuts and candy, all piled on to create our gourmet MEGA applez. Simple chocolate covered apple was not going to be enough as we wanted to take hand dipped apples to the extreme by making them HUGE and beyond what anyone would expect from a candy apple. Creative and fun indulgences like our massive S'mores apple & our insane Death by Chocolate take chocolate covered candy apples to their highest level. Our Gourmet Chocolate Covered Caramel Apples will blow you away!

Starting with biggest and best apple available...the sweet, tart and vibrant green Granny Smith. Why the Granny you ask?? Well based the knowledge that these apples will be super crisp and juicy, plus an amazing pairing with layers and layers of dreamy sweet toppings. The sweet and tart combination is like nothing else, so the Granny was an easy choice. We carefully inspect and hand choose our apples. We use only the freshest apples we can find & they must be perfect to become an Amazing Apple!

Ginormous, Humongous....OMGOODNESS!

Once smothered in our dreamy butter caramel and drenched with our gourmet luscious chocolate, our apples are dipped, dunked, drenched and drizzled with divine nuts, candies and creativity! Our Amazing Applez can have up to 6 layers of decadent toppings and can weigh over 2 1/2 pounds serving up to 8 people! These babies are HUGE! 

Options include - scrumptious Pecan Turtle, colossal Oreo Cookie, giant Death by Chocolate, divine M&M, humongous S'mores, amazing Black & White, decadent Caramel Apple Pie, luscious Key Lime Pie, gigantic Peanut Butter Cup! 

**Flavors available in the store will fluctuate, Thank You**